Program Overview

GenYES provides the online resources and environment necessary to prepare a team of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) with the skills necessary to support the technology integration efforts of teachers, IT staff, and other adults working at the school.

Any adult in the school can submit a Technology Assistance Project or TAP asking an STL for assistance. Typically, a TAP involves assistance in one of three ways:

  1. Helping teachers learn technology skills
  2. Creating resources that teachers use in their lessons
  3. Assisting IT staff's efforts to maintain a school's tech infrastructure

GenYES tools provide an easy-to-use online help request system. TAPs are tracked and reports can be generated at any time showing the impact of GenYES student support on your school technology usage.

The result is an authentic project-based learning experience for the students and sustainable technology support for the teachers. This powerful model has been refined and proven in real classrooms around the world for 16 years.

Innovative Approach

Having students help out with technology is not a new idea; however, GenYES takes it to the next level. It makes that help measurable, replicable, and sustainable. It is about building a powerful force of students who believe that they are improving education.

GenYES student projects are authentic, meaningful improvements to the school technology goals because the students understand the school technology plan, and are taught how to use technology to improve learning. These projects empower the student to participate in their own learning, and impact the learning of other students. Students are part of the school's technology plan, and therefore become full stakeholders in the process.

Implementing a GenYES program in your school will build a community of technology users at the school site level. This can help the district deal with declining technology support and professional development budgets. As GenYES graduates gain more experience and expand in your school and district they become a powerful force for change.

Content of a GenYES Class or Club


The GenYES Learn section is where both the basis and extended Curriculum reside. Twenty eight curriculum units provide the activities and necessary resources to ensure GenYES success. Each unit contains multiple activities designed to assist a teacher as they implement GenYES. Here are the seven basic units.

  • Getting Started with GenYES
  • GenYES in Action
  • Online Research and Information Literacy
  • Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship
  • Online Tools
  • Optional Ed Tech Topics
  • GenYES Concluding Activities

There are 21 other units in the categories of Technology Skills, 21st Century Issues, Technology Support, Leadership, and Community Service.

These additional units are available in the GenYES Extended Edition. GenYES provides the most comprehensive technology support curriculum anywhere.

Online Collaborative Tools

GenYES includes a number of online tools that support the students, teachers, the GenYES facilitator, and the whole school. These tools are available through a password protected site accessible once a school obtains their perpetual license. The GenYES online tools are fully hosted on a secure server, accessible through any browser, and require no downloads or special hardware or software.

  • GenYES teacher and student dashboards
  • Class management and collaboration tools for GenYES teacher
  • Access to all curriculum, resources, tools, and account settings
  • Student dashoard shows TAPs and help requests
  • Online access to student resources
  • Admin logins available for districts and service centers
  • In depth report system on student progress

Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Due to variations in school size and the customizable options we offer, give us a call (toll-free) at (888) 941-4369 to find out what the price for your school will be. To purchase student accounts on our system and utilize our curriculum, you will have to fill out an order form.

Sole Source Letter: This is a generic sole source letter. If you need a customized letter, please call and we would be happy to help you.

Shipping Policy: We will ship print materials (if any) and enable your Generation YES online account on receipt of a P.O., a P.O. number from a school institution, or check. Please use the order form to indicate your payment method.

New York State Cooperative Service (COSER) information: GenYES is available through the New York Instructional Computing COSER #6360. Please contact our office for more details.

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GenYES Facts

  • Research-based
  • Scientifically proven over 16 years
  • Empowers digital age students
  • Teaches 21st century skills
  • Provides rigorous technology elective
  • Cost-effective professional development
  • Reduces tech support costs
  • Flexible curriculum can be used in grades 4-12

GenYES Research

Multiple studies show that GenYES can help your students improve their academic, interpersonal, leadership and technology skills as well as their self esteem!

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