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Learn how to empower students to improve technology use in their own schools! These resources are based on lessons learned in our years of working with K-12 schools around the world building successful student-centered, student-led technology programs.

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Success Stories

GenYES & TechYES have been successfully implemented in hundreds of schools around the world. These classes impact students, teachers, and the climate of the school in a positive, powerful way.

[GenYES] helped me become more comfortable working with technology because I feel confident my GenYES students can help me out when I'm in trouble.

Sherry Graves

Coarsegold Elementary

I am amazed at what the potential some of our students had and was hidden! Not only do they love doing this, but they love helping others as well. My noon-time lab is now full every day! Several other teachers are requiring projects and we are able to combine our needs and the kids love talking about their ideas with each of their teachers. I think they feel they know they can do it and know how to get help. I love this.

Cindy McDaniel

Wawona Middle School

Shadow Mountain High School

GenYES has been around for a long time, but for Shadow Mountain High School it started in 2008. In our first year we started as a club, meeting several afternoons after school and at lunch. Seven kids, comprised of mostly Freshman and a few Juniors became the pioneers of our program.

They were an elite tech "crue" who enthusiastically enhanced the use of technology in their classrooms, expertly and professionally assisted with tech repairs, built the beginnings of the "AMPLITUDE" concept and rocked the way everyone at SMHS looked at technology.


GenYES students at Shadow Mountain High School have collaborated with Google executives and demonstrated "Innovation Projects" at a STEM conference. They have participated in an Apple Education Leadership Summit with CIO's, CEO's, and presidents from over fifty universities across the nation and co-presented at the National Education and Technology Conference with Apple. In 2011 and 2012, they presented at Microcomputers in Education. GenYES students developed their own Career & Technology Student Organization (CTSO) with impressive results and in 2013, they won state and competed at the National SkillsUSA Convention in Kansas.

The magic lies in the students themselves. The leadership skills, along with the career and technical education gained through the GenYES curriculum give students a unique advantage in the global marketplace.

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Research-proven success

After TechYES, 50% of teachers rated themselves Experts at teaching technology. 37% were Good, 16% were Average, and 17% were still beginners.

84% of TechYES students improved their academic and interpersonal skills through TechYES.

7 out of 10 think middle school students are mature enough to be Peer Mentors

87% of students' networking skills improved through TechYES

Science and Computer Science are the largest categories TechYES projects are completed in

Our programs are designed using the latest research in how students really learn with, and about, technology.

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