Program Overview: Project-Based Learning Management System


TechYES meets the needs of today’s schools looking for a cloud-based learning system that addresses academic and/or ISTE NETS standards through the construction of creative, comprehensive, and technology-infused projects.

Projects are tracked and assessed online, using easy to use tools for students and teachers. TechYES includes all necessary resources: online student guide, customized teacher/advisor materials, handouts and resources, access to a fully interactive support website, and certificates of completion.

Peer Mentoring

As part of TechYES, a structured peer-mentoring program assists the teacher or facilitator, and provides student leadership opportunities that serve to further strengthen the program and enrich the learning community. Guided authentic assessment and reporting provides students with feedback and educators with solid data on student progress.

Based on extensive research, these materials are the basis for creating a self-sustaining program. The student involvement, combined with a cost-effective, 3-stage certification process, moves all students towards academic and technology fluency.

The Basic TechYES Process doesn't cover the why, when, where, who, and how of TechYES, but the TechYES Teachers' Guide does.

Alternative to Standardized Testing

TechYES offers educators an alternative to academic and technology literacy testing that typically focuses on rote memorization and testing out-of-context skills. There is a persistent myth that only paper or computer-based multiple choice assessments can produce valid quantitative data. However, there is abundant research showing that assessing authentic projects is a better indicator of actual student proficiency than standardized, one-size-fits-all tests.

Relying on decades of research on project-based learning, TechYES creates a structured approach to meeting both academic and technology standards. CCSS and NGSS standards are built into TechYES and projects can be aligned to them. TechYES also allows students to show their technology proficiency using real technology to solve real problems. We believe teachers are best suited to make decisions regarding the educational needs of their students. No standardized test can replace a teacher with an intimate knowledge of his or her students. Peer editing and collaboration contribute to a productive learning context for students and frees teachers from extra marking. TechYES models and embraces peer editing in an authentic context.

TechYES is not just assessment -- it provides educators with a way to offer students high-quality, empowering experiences with technology.

Content of a TechYES-Integrated Class


The TechYES Curriculum, found online in the Learn section, provides the activities and necessary resources to start TechYES in a school. Each unit contains multiple activities designed to assist a teacher as they run TechYES. Here are the four basic units:

  • Preparing Student Technology Leaders (STLs)
  • Introduction to TechYES and Internet Safety and Ethics
  • Becoming a Web Critic
  • TechYES Projects

There are 12 other units in the categories of Communication, Creativity, and Extensions to TechYES. These additional units are available in the TechYES Extended Edition.

Online Collaborative Tools

TechYES includes a number of online tools that support the students and teachers. These tools are available through a password protected site accessible once a school has required TechYES licenses for their students. The TechYES online tools are fully hosted on our secure server, accessible through any browser, and require no downloads or special hardware or software.


  • Extensive class and project management tools for students and teachers
  • Comprehensive curriculum that supports PBL and tech integration
  • ePortfolio for student projects
  • Teacher PBL lesson plan and assignment creator
  • Projects assessed based on customized rubrics aligned to standards
  • Projects assessed based on the 24 ISTE NETS Performance Indicators
  • National Technology Literacy Certification based on NETS indicators
  • Exemplary projects are searchable by Common Core & NETS standards
  • In depth report system on student progress
  • Internal messaging system and forum connecting all TechYES schools
  • Admin logins available for districts and service centers

Purchase Option

Purchase Options

TechYES Starter Kit: $495
Includes full orientation and support, up to 30 Student Accounts for 1 year, online Teacher Implementation Guide, 2 Posters, 4 Units of basic tech literacy and cybersafety activities, online project portfolio for each student (up to 2Gb), project planning and assessment tools, Common Core alignment tools, reports, and Showcase of sample projects. For a single site.
Additional Student Accounts (1 year)
  • In quantities of 1-9 $14.95 ea
  • In quantities of 10-99 $12.45 ea
  • In quantities of 100+ $9.95 ea

After you purchase the Starter Kit for your site, you only need to purchase additional student accounts for students to access their project planning, portfolio, and assessment tools for one year. Students can create as many projects and in as many classes as they like. All teachers can incorporate TechYES features.

TechYES Technology Literacy Curriculum (TLC): $2,500
Includes 10 additional units of technology lesson plans, activities and resources. Permanent license with no renewal fees. All upgrades included. Unlimited student, Student Tech Leader, and teacher logins. Sold as an add-on to the Starter Kit.

Sole Source Letter: This is a generic sole source letter. If you need a customized letter, please call and we would be happy to help you.

Shipping Policy: We will ship print materials (if any) and enable your Generation YES online account on receipt of a P.O., a P.O. number from a school institution, or check. Please use the order form to indicate your payment method.

TechYES Facts

Connect projects to standards:

  • Common Core & NGSS
  • Teacher-specified
  • More TechYES Facts:
  • Teachers plan, assign, guide, and assess project integration
  • Students plan, construct, assess, and share projects
  • Secure cloud-based uploads
  • Technology Literacy Curriculum
  • Tech scores accumulate over time

Studies show that TechYES can help your students improve their academic, interpersonal, leadership and technology skills as well as their self esteem!

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